We had a lovely
weekend in Bali. Helen has a workshop today and tomorrow. I couldn’t manufacture an excuse to stay past Sunday. We stayed at
the Hyatt, in Sanur. It was overcast, but warm, with little rain.

We went
shopping in Denpasar – fabrics and touristy stuff from the main market, which
is always a great place to poke around.

 Both mornings,we
walked around Sanur. Yesterday morning, we wandered around the produce market, where
we encountered Ibu Dian, Helen’s ex-teacher assistant.

 Apart from
that, we spent some time on the beach, and ate and drank a bit. Saturday night, we
had a fabulous meal at The Village restaurant, now located just down from Jl.
Bumi Ayu. We met Ketut Kasih who owns surf shops. His boys, whom we had taught,
were sent to Geelong Grammar to finish their schooling. The older one is about
to start at the Victorian
College of the Arts
(after a year of sorting himself out) and the younger one is a prefect, in Year
12. It made me realise the resources that the great private schools can draw

 We then
migrated to Café Batu Jimbar (now opposite Alas Arum – now Hardy’s) to listen to
Tropical Transit (who used to play at Kafe Wayang). They still play brilliant
Latin stuff, including “I will survive” in Spanish! We had a chat
with Monos, the band leader/percussionist/singer (who was surprisingly lucid,
considering his substance-enhanced lifestyle) and two long-term expats.

Yesterday afternoon
I wandered around a bit, and had a good, cheap massage. After afternoon tea,
again at Batu Jimbar, we returned to the hotel where I packed, headed for the
airport and caught the plane back to Surabaya.


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