Monthly Archives: June 2009

   This is my last couple of hours in Indonesia, for a while. I’m in a lounge at Denpasar airport, which has intermittent wi-fi. The last couple of days have been a bit tough, but more so on Martinie than anyone else. Jahe, the larger, but more timid of our two cats has been virtually […]

It’s always good to get out into the countryside, in any country, and Java is more scenic than many places. The trip was pretty slow to Malang. Driving through Porong hammers home the ineptitude of officialdom in this country – as well as all the unfortunate people who have lost their homes and communities from […]

Letting Go

It is always difficult to leave an organisation that you have put a lot of yourself into, so it was a mixed last week at Sekolah Ciputra. The best moment was Thursday. It was an opportunity to re-schedule a postponed lunch with the support staff. They informed me that we would be going to a […]