Monthly Archives: February 2007

Welcome to Jakarta (almost). Yesterday afternoon, we were out at Galaxy Mall, in the east. It is an older mall, but they’ve built a new section, with Starbucks, Sogo, etc. Our school has a stand at a “fair” in the ground floor of the original bit. The idea is that innocent passers-by stop and you […]

Today should be a big one. We have a school “expo” at the Shangri-La hotel, so we hope that there are plenty of new punters through the door. The down side is the realisation that, if Helen and I didn’t do most of it, very little would happen. The low level of productivity of a […]

I’ve been feeling progressively tired and less well for more than a week. Last night, I realised that, on Helen’s advice, I’d been taking iron tablets (which usually perk up most people). Then I remembered that Mum had said something, a while back, about some inherited disease I might have. I looked up “hemachromatosis”, and […]

This could be famous last words, but, finally, my internet access is back on, and pretty stable. It’s a mystery to many people how Asia functions. When we were in Australia, during Christmas, we could not access Asian websites because there had been an earthquake in Taiwan. The whole communication infrastructure of Indonesia has been […]