Monthly Archives: January 2010

Unlike Indonesia, where we mainly drove ourselves, we rely on taxis and buses – taxi to School and bus home, taxis to town and back. We have a “taxi book”, which lists most of the places frequented by foreigners in English and Chinese. Currently, our Chinese is limited to about 20 words, if that. So, […]

I cat sat until we woke Helen just before 9am. I think I had one beer too many at Hooleys last night. Everyone had a great night, and, while we were a bit rough with a few songs, the “Rocking Teachers” (definitely not my suggestion) had the joint jumping. A few colleagues, and other patrons, […]

China continues to be amazing. Last Saturday, at Helen’s instigation, we hired a van to take us to nearby Foshan, which is described as a “pottery village”. Helen obviously hasn’t been in Guangzhou long enough, because she had some mental image of an actual village. I, however, was not surprised that the only thing to […]

It looks like this year is starting a fair bit better than 2009. We began last year with no jobs lined up after June, and I, inexplicably, lost the hearing in my right ear, by Day 3. 2010 begins with us working in a new country, with plenty of challenges and opportunities. We’re both in […]