Monthly Archives: March 2010

There have been numerous times in my life when I think “Why me?” (or “Why not me?”), but this week is one of those times when I feel very fortunate and privileged. I have a brilliant family (and a very cute cat), and it seems like everything has fallen into place in the work area. […]

We had a glimpse of China as it used to be, on Saturday. The receptionist at school, Wendy, organised 10 of us to visit the ancestral compound in which she grew up. The drive north, towards a place called Conghua, was a very uninspiring trip, along a 6-lane highway lined with concrete monstrosities. We stopped […]

In each of the Asian countries in which I’ve lived, I like just wandering around and looking. There is always something new and interesting to see, particularly in the village outside our estate: Yong Tai. I’ve been around all the streets and alleys, and always find something at which to marvel. With Helen in Beijing, […]

I’m not sure whether it is because female cats are different to male cats, or whether it is because Machiato is Chinese. Two lots of friends have the same issues with their young cats, and, they, too, have female cats they acquired here, in Guangzhou. Having had many male cats (usually neutered) in the past, […]

Guangzhou is a very dangerous place at the moment – because of the high humidity, warm air temperature and cold apartments and houses, virtually every tiled surface is covered in a film of water. In some cases, the moisture is enough to flow (for example, down the stairs outside our apartment). There is a setting […]