Monthly Archives: February 2009

Beautiful Java

Helen, Amy and I headed up the “hill” to the Sativa Hotel, in Pacet, last weekend. Helen and I had been there before, with colleagues. We hadn’t really appreciated what a nice place it is. The Sativa has lovely gardens, each side of the road up to Pacet, and is set out like the ancient […]

Village walks

We really enjoy walking through the village of Jeruk, behind our estate, our the adjoining village of Lakarsantri – I usually walk through “north” Lakarsantri most weekday mornings. Helen and Amy enter Jeruk behind the Fullerton Place estate You don’t see a lot of pets in the villages This is just behind our estate Chess […]

I cannot believe that I am sitting with rain bucketing outside my office window, while more than 60 people have died in the fires in Victoria. For those who claim that it is all part of some deity’s plan, or down to karma, I need it explained to me a bit more clearly. Chaos theory […]