Monthly Archives: January 2008

I’ve been to Celebrity gym this week, at the Mall. Last week, Helen got me to use a three-month free membership that I’d won. The first RPM class I went to, I thought I’d die, only half-way through, but for the second and third time I could keep up with little problem, except that I’d […]

It was a lovely morning this morning, with the volcanoes visible in the distance. I walked around the (4.5km) “block”, and it’s weird how the volcanoes appear in different places in relation to you, depending on where you are on the circuit. However, the remnants of one of the biggest storms I’ve seen, anywhere, is […]

Helen and I did not get our swimming costumes out of our cases in holidays. Melbourne, before Christmas, was cold, it rained all the time on the Sunshine Coast, and it was cool and wet back in Sydney. However, time spent with families was great. Everyone seemed pretty well and happy. We had a nice […]