Monthly Archives: December 2005

I can not believe how quickly this year has gone, and how much has been packed into it. It started, professionally, with me going back to a school where a gangster’s family had forced the Board into accepting back a teacher who we’d sacked, and who’d slandered us in the press and got some of the […]

It’s been amazingly busy since the last entry. Aceh was a very moving experience. We ended up finding a primary and a secondary school to support. (Access the report from my website.)The Christmas Ball was a great night, and our Year 7 kids were brilliant, particularly with the second song. The Drama and Music teachers […]

I went for my usual 2.5km walk this morning – it’s not a good idea to cycle, because, after the deluges we’ve been having, there is mud all over the place, and the bike and rider end up covered in brown muck that doesn’t wash out. For me, running is not an option, because I […]