Monthly Archives: July 2009

I’ve obviously been living overseas for too long. After having lived in two small expat communities, and Bali, I had formed the view that there was a greater concentration of, shall we say, “people with idiosyncrasies” than in the general Australian population. It seemed, from casual observations around Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, that I might […]

Food is so good in the capital cities. It’s no wonder that Australians are becoming obese at an alarming rate. However, there is a simple suggestion that will definitely slow things – halve the size and the cost of meals in cafes, most restaurants and, imperatively, food courts. We always have to remember at lunch […]

It is great being back in Australia. I loved living in Indonesia, but, every now and then, it is wonderful being in a place where things are clean, and function properly. Visiting the shopping malls make it crystal clear why so many Australians are obese – the meals on sale are twice the size they […]