Monthly Archives: October 2009

Life certainly doesn’t stand still. I’ve spent Thursday until Saturday in Shenzen, at a schools’ soccer tournament, and Helen is heading to Singapore to do a school visit tomorrow. She gets back Saturday. Then, I’m off to Manila, and Helen to Jakarta. We have acquired a cute little kitten this weekend. We feel a bit […]

A Night at the Races

A while back, because of the experiences of some friends who had worked in Guangzhou, Helen expressed a desire to attend the races if we were in HK. I perused the Hong Kong Jockey Club site (which was not very responsive) and found that there was a night meeting. Also, there was a sort of […]

The honeymoon period is far from over. After two months in Guangzhou, Helen and I still love it. We’ve been on holidays since last Thursday, and have already done a lot. We spent the morning of China’s 60th celebration of the revolution at B and Q, a big hardware barn. We bought quite a lot […]