About Me

I live in a beautiful part of Australia, after living in Indonesia, mainly, for more than 15 years. Living overseas was good for me – after all, I met my wonderful wife, Helen Morschel. It had a price, such as not being there for some major milestones in the lives of my daughter, Lyndsey, and my son, Sean. I have had some amazing experiences, and I like to think that it has made me a better person than I might otherwise have been. It certainly has given me a different perspective about how other people live, and about how many of the world’s people have a major struggle just to get through each day.


The posts before the 15th of November, 2013, are from my original Xanga blog. Some are a bit self-indulgent, but blogs often are. The better ones, in my opinion, are observations of the interesting things that we don’t see if we stay at home in the one place.


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