Monthly Archives: February 2006

Life seems to be cruising along nicely at the moment (hopefully, not “famous last words”). After all, anywhere, but, it seems that, particularly in Indonesia, your life can turn from chocolates to boiled lollies in an instant. – I had that experience a few years back, and would rather that it is never repeated. Anyway, […]

I heard the alarm this morning, but momentarily went back to sleep. Our sleep was interrupted, twice, by Cappucino. He yowled outside the door, and even bashed up against it. We didn’t let him in. I went for a walk, through the golf course and back home via the Water Park. The torrential rain of […]

Life is pretty good at the moment. We seem to have put an end to the “political” problems at school with a great presentation at a Board meeting on Friday. However, the price of peace is eternal vigilance. I’ve been making the effort to do appraisal observations in class, and the positives far outweigh the […]