Monthly Archives: September 2009

Our new apartment is really lovely. We’ve unpacked about 70% of our belongings, and nearly all the large furniture items are in place. The main task is to clean everything – after three months in a container, a lot of things are filthy. There is plenty to keep our new, part-time maid occupied. Moving demonstrated […]

This weekend, we set out bright and early for Haizu Square, this time, by metro, so as to avoid last time’s extended taxi ride. Enroute, Helen suggested that we get off a station early, and check out the famous shopping street, Beijing Lu. It has been well and truly sanitised since we walked it, 6 […]

  As I’ve written before, it is wonderful walking around any place new, but particularly in Asia. We go for walks or runs in the pre-dawn on week days, but head out a bit later on the weekends. The Chinese open their shops much later than Indonesian folk, so, on weekdays, we see only deliveries, […]