Welcome to Jakarta (almost). Yesterday
afternoon, we were out at Galaxy Mall, in the east. It is an older mall, but
they’ve built a new section, with Starbucks, Sogo, etc. Our school has a stand
at a “fair” in the ground floor of the original bit. The idea is that innocent
passers-by stop and you reel them in. In the past, because the uninformed girls in
our “marketing” department ran them, we got no-one. This year, Helen and I
organised videos, powerpoints, a roster of teachers to talk to people,
booklets, etc. We might have a few extra bums on the seats as a consequence
next year.

Anyway, our Indonesian colleagues declined the offer of going home early, because it was bucketing outside. We left at about
8.30pm, and ended up driving through water constantly until we got
to the central city, about 4 km away. Then, passing over to the western side, we hit
more water.

We drove for more than two kilometeres through water that was up
the side of the car, with the “surf” literally lapping over the bonnet as cars
went the other way. Helen was a bit scared by it. We got through, but it was
pretty “hairy”. There were not as many disabled vehicles along the way as I would have expected, although a lot of motorbikes had “conked out”


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