I went for my usual 2.5km walk this morning
– it’s not a good idea to cycle, because, after the deluges we’ve been having,
there is mud all over the place, and the bike and rider end up covered in brown
muck that doesn’t wash out. For me, running is not an option, because I haven’t
felt well enough for a week or so. 

The air is a lot heavier than usual at 5.30am, hopefully because of the wet
season, and not an increase in traffic. At this time of the year it is not
possible to see the volcanoes in the south.

 Last night we had a parent meeting for
those who haven’t been to school before. Four students took part in the
presentation (along with the Principals and Vice Principals), and the parents
were blown away to see and hear them talk confidently about how they learn
values, how they are expected to study hard and how the discipline system

Today all the Indonesian teachers are at a
seminar, at the behest of the owner’s daughter, called “Character First”. The
Board decided that they need some moral development. The expatriates will be
doing some stuff with us at school.

 On Sunday, Helen and I fly to Aceh. It is a
very, very long trip, and very expensive. The school will pay for one ticket,
and we will pay for the other. We will meet people from the IBO, and will look
at setting up a sister school relationship – our kids have raised a lot of
money, but we do not know what to do with it.

 Helen is off to a Lions’ Club dinner
tonight, because her kids are performing. I wandered into their practice
yesterday. I’ve never seen anything like it from primary kids. Apparently,
Grade 3 wrote a song, and Grade 5 (~80 kids) are performing it. They have their
own band (with a brilliant pianist) and the rest do a short drama followed by
the song, in two-part harmony. It is amazing.

 My music teacher is getting together two
songs for the expatriate Christmas Ball. I assumed that he was using older
kids, so I was very surprised to see seven Year 7 kids. They are very good, and
will be excellent by the time I “polish” them a bit.


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