It’s been amazingly busy since the last entry. Aceh was a very moving experience. We ended up finding a primary and a secondary school to support. (Access the report from my website.)

The Christmas Ball was a great night, and our Year 7 kids were brilliant, particularly with the second song. The Drama and Music teachers put on a Christmas play with the Year 8 kids, and it was excellent, for a first time. I’ve asked them to repeat it for our “Open House” week.

This week we have had visitors to authorise us for the IB Diploma, making us one of about 75 schools in the world with all three programs. There are a couple of things to deal with, but we do not anticipate any problems.

On Tuesday evening, we had a “Kris Kringle” at the Club. It was a lovely atmosphere, although I did have to go to the front desk to get them to force the restaurant to send a drink waiter upstairs to us. There was plenty of food, and the present exchange was a lot of fun.

Yesterday, we had an assembly to finish the semester. My speech consisted of singing “Happy Christmas War is Over” with a couple of colleagues, and, later, we did “Mary’s Boy Child”. There were a number of very good acts from the kids, particularly a Year 9 band which performed “Holiday”, by Green Day. All the kids were very appreciative.

Helen and I are getting ready to jump on the plane to Bali, tomorrow, to do some Christmas shopping. We get to Sydney on Sunday morning, and then I fly to Melbourne on Monday, early afternoon. It will be good to see the family, particularly Mum.


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