I had a good birthday yesterday, despite
not being 100%. We slept in, and had the mandatory croissants out on the deck.
The young lady, who deals with all our complaints, stopped by with a beautiful
chocolate cake. I rang Mum and Lyndsey to wish me “Happy Birthday”.

We headed off to “plant street” to buy
something that would pass as a Christmas tree, and then could be planted in the
back garden. Helen found something she liked, but couldn’t find anyone to sell
it to her. We settled on a weeping fig. (I was going to buy a grevillia, for
Rp25,000, but had mis-heard the woman, who wanted Rp75,000. They are too
temperamental in this climate to spend much on.)

We drove on the back streets back to “The
Rocks” restaurant to meet some friends for lunch (who didn’t know it was my
birthday). The restaurant has good food, cheap, and, in the past, a nice size.
Two blokes had the main mixed grill, and it was enough for at least two people.
My smaller mixed grill was really nice, but I thought it was unwise to eat all of

 At 1.30pm
we returned home, and readied ourselves for golf. We played with Peter and
Stuart, on the first (easiest) 9 holes. I didn’t play quite as well as I’d
wanted, but still got a reasonable 52, including a lovely, long put on the 8th.
Peter returned to his good form for 49, and Helen and Stuart carded 56, the
former being very pleased with her game.

The boys came back for a couple of beers,
and left in the dark. We showered, and got ready for dinner. I rang Sean, who
was still up, in Melbourne.
Martini had made a lovely birthday cake, so we had a slice each after some
nibbles and a glass of Riesling.

day had taken its toll on us, and,
after watching the news, decided that there was nothing we fancied that
would last the distance, and went to bed. Unfortunately, during the
night, the cat decided he wanted to come in, then go out, then come
back, then go out again…


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