Cycling around Castle Hill, Guangzhou is interesting, but not exactly scenic. Rather than the fields and woods around southwest Surabaya, our current expeditions have taken us through concrete jungles. Yesterday morning the clean air index would have been very much in the negative, but it affects us aesthetically, only.

After breakfast we caught a taxi to the next suburb/village back into town, Tong He. We got a few things that we couldn’t find in Yong Tai – electric guitar strings, blank DVD’s and watch batteries. The purpose of the trip, however, was to get plants from a nursery we had spotted from the bus window on our way home. Empty taxis are hard to come by, because the Guangzhou Trade Fair soaks them up, so we commissioned a tuk tuk to take us back. When he saw the size of the hills between Yong Tai and our apartment, he insisted  on another dollar on the fare – we were going to tip him anyway.

Last night, we went, with friends, to an open-air barbecue area, and the food was delicious. I discovered the place in my wanderings on Friday night, before I headed off to the Halloween party at school – it’s great to work in a place in which most parents, students and teachers “put in. The Student Council did an excellent job of organizing it. The week was actually Japanese Culture week, with Japanese parents, teachers and students running a large variety of activities. Such things, by themselves, don’t make the school international, but the spirit in which they were done certainly helps.


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