Life certainly doesn’t stand still. I’ve spent Thursday until Saturday in Shenzen, at a schools’ soccer tournament, and Helen is heading to Singapore to do a school visit tomorrow. She gets back Saturday. Then, I’m off to Manila, and Helen to Jakarta.

We have acquired a cute little kitten this weekend. We feel a bit guilty about our wonderful little boys back in Java, but Machiato is exceptionally cute. She is much more a “people” cat than the others we’ve had overseas and is amazingly acrobatic, even for a kitten.

Shekou, the expat area of Shenzen that we stayed in, was brilliant. The other coach and I were put up at the Cruise Inn, which is actually a ship. The forecourt has a lot of really good bars and restaurants and there are clubs, restaurants and bars further away. Helen is interested in a weekend trip, because the shopping is supposed to be good.

We went for a ride on our new bikes yesterday. The immediate area is not exactly scenic, but we did find a tourist spot way up a hill, with a nice lake. Google Earth indicates some spots not too far away. Helen managed to come off her bike, and give her helmet a good workout, before we even left the estate. Luckily, she didn’t hurt herself, this time.

We are still loving China. Helen had a couple of enjoyable shopping expeditions on the weekend, and people are very friendly and helpful. There is so much to do and see, just in Guangzhou.


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