I’ve got a very sore back, because of a big weekend of participation in sport. (It’s an old injury, but it has come back with a vengeance in recent times.

Helen and I thought we would have a quick round of golf on Friday, after school. Got there, clubs and caddies arrived, and we hit off. We weren’t playing well, but finished the first par-5 easily. No-one in sight, until the next hole, We ended up following four blokes who had no idea of etiquette or courtesy, and we ended up playing the last hole in the dark. – The group ahead of us made sure they finished with just enough light, even though they knew we were behind them.

I must have mellowed a bit though, because I wasn’t drawn into yelling out to them to hurry. I was more pre-occupied with my own mediocre performance, although I started to shown some form in the gloom.

Bright and early on Saturday morning, I arrived for “Fit and Fun”. Helen and I had organised the early versions, so it was great to see that the Year 11 kids had it under control, with a bit of supervision from the CAS Coordinator. That’s one small part of our “legacy” that should endure. The 5km walk was pleasant, and there were many people in attendance.

I was back at school working on “Greased Lightning”, before heading out to “Hash”. Helen had gone out with a friend to set the course, and she told me to ride down at 2.30pm. It began to rain and the three of us got quite wet. By 3pm, when the runners began to arrive, the rain stopped. The course was like ice at the beginning, and I slipped in the first 10m. I ended up coming in second, with which I was very happy.

We went back to the pool in our housing compound for the circle. It did go “on on” – in the end, I grabbed our food dishes and went – it wasn’t amusing, and, for the first time, there were blokes clearly affected by the beer. Helen came back a little while later, but it went on for at least half an hour after I left. The running at the Surabaya Hash is good, but the “mismanagement”, despite being told, continue to turn the “after” events into an ordeal.

We dragged ourselves out to a farewell for another expat couple, and were glad we did. It was a very pleasant evening, and we ended up staying a lot longer than we had intended.

I was up early on Sunday morning, and back to school for my last cricket match in Surabaya. We had nearly 20 players (me and 19 members of the Indian expatriate community). Someone had misplaced the pegs for the mat, but it was decided that we would play on it anyway.

I kept wickets for the first 10 overs, which was quite difficult. Because the mat was not taut, the ball came off it at unpredictable speeds and heights. I let several byes through, because I’m too old to bend to my ankles all the time.

After drinks, I bowled, and took three wickets for 7 runs. I bowled good balls which didn’t get wickets, and my first two wickets were from out-stretched single-handed catches. Seeing that the team had “grassed” at least five simple catches beforehand, I suggested that we only use one hand to catch, from then on.

I made13 runs, which was 13 more than I’d anticipated. My team had three wickets in hand, to get 10 runs, and we managed to lose. However, the game was played in excellent spirit. I handed over the money and responsibility to a couple of the blokes.

In the afternoon I was back at school because a couple of colleagues were slaving away at Grease sets. We started to get the truck loaded before I left. I’ve got too much to do today, but we will get it done. I’m looking forward to seeing it all happen over the next three nights.


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