Down to the wire

There are some good things about living in Indonesia, but the noise pollution, and the apparent lack of care by people for those other than their close friends and family really gets to me sometimes. I’ve just had words with a bloke who started hammering and sawing in the open window of the house behind us, less than 15m away. These workmen, and the owners, have had representations from our security guards most Sundays, but, clearly, don’t give a proverbial “rat’s”.
Our garage sale was pretty successful, and Helen need not have stressed about it. It was pretty much “win-win” for all concerned – a lot of people got bargains, and we got rid of a lot of surplus possession and made a few rupiah in the process. The highlight was seeing friends taking home a pile of stuff on their motorbikes. There is still a bit of stuff to shift, and Martini will find a use for most of it, or find someone else who would benefit.

We have one week at Sekolah Ciputra and, it is very, very difficult to maintain a positive outlook, given the bizzare conduct of those who have the power to affect our lives. However, the parents have been great, and Helen has had some very positive feedback from her colleagues, and a couple of mine have been supportive.

The coming week will be very tough on the waistline. I have something on each week night, plus at least three lunches, and no time to get to the gym. We’ll be getting our money’s worth out of our last month at the gym when school finishes.


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