We were both crook yesterday, after the “Surabaya Triathlon”. Helen shouldn’t have even attempted it. She was sick two days before. She pulled out of the swim after tone and a half of the 10 laps, dod the 20km ride, but couldn’t do the run. She was very upset.

I was happy with my ride, and the team of my colleague, Rod, and I finished third overall and was first team. (Not bad, for a combined age of 107.) The Indonesian bloke who arrived first was a bit stiff to be disqualified – he would have “walked” it in, and ran about the right distance, if not on the exact course. Another colleague, Cam, who also plays a bit of guitar with me, won well.

I’m not sure whether it was because I didn’t drink enough, but I spent the bulk of the day with a migraine. In the end, dosing on panadol and putting on a sleeping mask was the only cure. In the afternoon we both recovered sufficiently to go for a short walk. We ended up having jaffles for tea, which was a nice change.

Last week was very hectic. Helen was giving a keynote speech in Jakarta, at a national teachers’ conference, and was reported in the Jakarta Post. I was busy with SMART (Skills, Motivation, Attitudes, Thinking, Reflection) Week at school – open house, with a a different name. It was pretty good, but a lot of work for me, and many of the teachers. In the High School alone, we had a Science Fair, Art show, Technology Fair, and Maths Night. Then we had the Smartest School and “6X6 Super Sports” inter-school competitions. (We won the latter.) On the Thursday we set a record of 13450 people skipping at once in Indonesia, then went on to have a day of round-robin ball games.

On the Friday, Helen was back, and we did an exhibition at the Shangri La Hotel. WE didn’t get a lot of people, but we did get more of those who came sigh up, compared to last year. We were home after 9:30pm, and crashed.

This week, Helen is away again, doing a school evaluation, and everyone else is writing reports. I’ve even got a Maths class to do (with no replacement in sight).

It is absolutely bucketing as I write – the rainy season may finally be here. It’s cooler, but we’ll get sick of that all too soon.


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