Holidays! Into the 6th day, and I’m beginning to relax. We landed in Sydney about lunchtime, Sunday, after a maximum three hours?sleep on the plane. (We thought we’d be okay, with no little kids near us, but the bloke behind us snored like a dying water buffalo, and his female companion kept kicking the back of my seat.)


Helen’s sister, Diane, with young people Amy and Tim, met us and drove us to Helen’s parent’s place at Castle Hills. We spent a couple of pleasant (cool) days together there before I flew to Melbourne. Helen got back into running, and I did a few long walks. – the Hills are really hills.


Mark picked me up at the airport, yesterday, and drove me to the place he rents in Sunbury. Mum had arrived the day before. The house is 1km from anywhere, and Mark had to return to work. In the afternoon, I walked down to the shopping centre to get a few things. Sunbury seemed pretty unimpressive, although the train timetables indicated that it was well-serviced for trips to Melbourne. Mark works very long hours, so I cooked what was in the fridge and cupboard ?sausages, potatoes and frozen veggies.


This morning, I ran down to Safeway to get the paper, and then ran and walked back in the drizzle. Later on, I walked about 2km to what Mark and I thought was the post office, on the highway. It turned out to be a parcel collection depot. I found the actual post office in the main street. The other side of the railway line (to Mark’s place) is quite nice ?churches and parks, and the original town shopping strips, with nice shops and restaurants. There are plenty of worse places to live than Sunbury.


In the afternoon, Lyndsey and Simon stopped by, on their way from Canberra, via Bright, to Moorabbin. They both seemed very healthy and happy. 


One of the things that I noticed in Sunbury was that most people were friendly, prepared to say “Hello” and help a stranger. People around the world are pretty good like that, if given a chance.


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