Three days back at work, and it’s as though we’ve never been away. It’s
good so far, with the teachers being pretty positive, and the kids
being excellent. I’ll have to get out of the office and into the
classrooms a lot more.

I went to an OSIS (student council) meeting yesterday, and the two
teachers in charge have done a great job. The 26 student
representatives, from Years 7 to 11, are a positive, responsible group
of young people. They even volunteered to come in for another meeting

We went for a ride this morning, to the local pasar (market). Cappucino
(the cat) had eaten all his fish during the relatively “cool” weather,
and we forgot to buy it yesterday. With the long rainy season,
everything is green and lush, if a tad mushy. Some of the rice farmers
will find it tough, because their rice is ready to harvest, but not dry

Last night, we went to the French restaurant at the Marriott Hotel. The
food was good, and, even though, for Surabaya, it is outrageously
expensive, we still had a main course each, a bottle of wine, and a
shared dessert for less than AU$80. Not bad for a five-star hotel.

We’d actually gone to the Marriott to hear a presentation, advertised
by  “rival” school, about education in the 21st century. It seemed
to be just a parent meeting and enrolment. Plenty of money spent, and
little substance. One or two of our parents were there.

Today we’ll take it easy. There are a million little things to do – I
just need to get motivated. Keeping the fitness up and the weight down
is a problem, because I’m getting tired, often. It’s easier when there is
sport to play, but it was too wet for touch on Friday, and there is no
netball this week, because the gym is out of action, so, I have to force
myself to walk, run, ride and go to the gym. Resting usually takes


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