It’s been a relaxing holiday so far, and I find myself “being present” a lot more than usual. (I don’t worry about school and other stuff.)

We had a nice day in Sydney yesterday. We met up with Barbara at the Sheraton, and interviewed a young man about a pre-elementary job. We then had lunch at the food court at Myers. I’ve told Helen to veto any future such proposals, because the food is always disappointing.

We shopped separately for a while. I bought a few CD’s (budget ones – the “full price” is outrageous). We caught the bus back to Pennant Hills in the afternoon, which is very convenient.

I’ve been sticking to my relsolution to keep fit. I walk every morning. I’d run a bit if my feet allowed it, and I’ll back into cycling in Surabaya. I might even force myself back into the gym.


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