It was a lovely morning this morning, with the volcanoes visible in the distance. I walked around the (4.5km) “block”, and it’s weird how the volcanoes appear in different places in relation to you, depending on where you are on the circuit.

However, the remnants of one of the biggest storms I’ve seen, anywhere, is pattering away outside. I was watching Dr. Who when the storm unleashed, and extinguished our electricity. I quickly established that it was only our house, which meant that some circuit breakers had thrown. With the aid of a torch (previously secreted for such a contingency) I re-set the switches in the garage, which did not restore the power. That meant a trip to the front gate, where there (for reasons that escape me) other switches. After slipping on the wet floor and nearly breaking my leg, I couldn’t find an umbrella. (There were golf umbrellas in the golf bags in the garage.) Under the flimsy cover of my collapsible umbrella I battled to the gatepost and restored the electricity.

The storm was blowing through the house, so I had to shut all the doors. When I switched the assorted media devices back on to resume my viewing, I had to use headphones, with the sound turned to near full volume, to hear the DVD over the storm. It lasted about 45 minutes.

Helen had been at Celebrity gym at the Mall. They play the music so loud that they wouldn’t hear a thermonuclear explosion. She knew it had been bad by the flood waters everywhere on the way home.


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