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I love a sunburnt country

It was wonderful to be back in Australia for Christmas, and have great weather. The first thing we notice (on every return) is our driving – it takes a couple of trips to realise that the person in the lane next to you will actually stay in the lane, and that the person coming up […]

Idul Adha

We headed off with friends Rachel and Andy towards the river, to have a look at how the local celebrate the feast of sacrifice. Our route took us down the fairly major road of Jalan Raya Menganti. About halfway to the river, we could see, ahead of us several hundred of the faithful sitting in […]

I wonder if it is being on holidays that makes new places seem really good. Obviously, visiting is very different to living somewhere, but the places we have been this holiday have been excellent. Even though we have only had a snapshot of Laos and Vietnam, they both seem to be on the up, although […]

Out and about

One of the great things about living in Asia is that you can go on the same walk every day, and still see something different. Where we live, on the western edge of Surabaya, we can walk and cycle through rice paddies, cornfields and villages. The reaction of almost every villager is friendliness, even though […]

Last day of the holidays. They were pretty good. Climbing Mt. Rinjani (most of it) was great, although it took us three days to recover, and we are not completely sure that we have. (See my website for report and photos.) Last night was a very “Indonesian” evening. We decided to try out a new […]

On Friday night we attended an informal gathering at a friends’ house. They are, unfortunately, heading back to OZ. The expat community is losing Aussies and Kiwis, and the persons of alternative nationalities, if departing expats are being replaced by another expat, that is, are not filling the “social gap”. The hosts supplied the grog […]