We finally got to the eastern end of Indonesia, courtesy of SMP YPJ, a Freeport junior high school for Indonesian students. We did a one-day workshop, which ended well and we followed up with small-group coaching the next day. On arrival, we were the only two travellers who had to go into an office and […]

  We had a brilliant day on Saturday that showed us what human beings are capable of when we are “on song”. TEDxUbud lived up to expectations and we were informed, entertained and inspired by some wonderful speakers and performers. There were talks about teaching young people to be happy or become media literate, talks […]

Like folk in many parts of the world nowadays, we are over the weather. In our case, in Jakarta, it’s rain. Normally, the rainy season has ended well and truly by now, but it is doing more than just persisting – the past two days have seen as much rain as we have had at […]

 I feel like a billionaire when I get dragged along to malls – there is nothing I need or want there (although, if there were some decent hobby shops, the latter might change). I sometimes see something I like, and may even purchase it, but, usually, I think of all the things I already have, […]

Helen was presenting a workshop at BIS, so I got to see the sights of Bandung during the two and a half days we were there. Bandung is renowned for its factory outlets, so half of Jakarta’s population heads up the hill most weekends. As well, there are direct flights from KL and Singapore. These […]

 I’m one of those people who has always liked trains – my old Hornby set is in storage awaiting my retirement. I like travelling on non-suburban trains. I travelled from Cranbourne into Melbourne, to go to university, for several years on and off, and it was a good trip, because it was a country service. […]

We are not able to truly comprehend the scale of our planet, let alone the universe. Having just arrived home from Dubai, that view is just reinforced. Dubai seems big enough, from just travelling around on the train. However, it’s once you get out a bit that you begin to realise just how much development […]