Fortuitous circumstances

There’s nothing like being in the right place at the right time. Three weeks ago, working here in Dubai, I developed stomach cramps. I returned to Jakarta, and, after a couple of days, I was reasonably okay. I felt good getting on the plane to return to Dubai last Saturday. However, about an hour before landing, the cramps returned.

In the evening, I went out with a few of my colleagues, but felt unwell. I fronted for breakfast at the hotel on Sunday, but then things went downhill. Monday and Tuesday were work days, and it was a real struggle to get through them. By this stage, I was hardly eating anything, just some water crackers and orange juice. The cramps woke me up at about 3am each morning. On Wednesday, the last day of our school visit, I got in the car with my other four colleagues to head off to the school we were visiting. I felt worse as the journey progressed. At the school. I told the team leader I just couldn’t go on. We went out to the street to get a taxi, but there were none. We went back inside to ring for one, when someone from the school said there was a clinic next door that had a relationship with the school. Two of my colleagues came with me, one to translate into Arabic, but the staff spoke English. I had a blood test, urine test and ECG. The doctor said they indicated food poisoning. I received a jab in the buttock, and the doctor said it would kick in soon. They refused to charge me! An hour later, I wasn’t 100%, but I was fine to work out the day.

Two days later, I’m still not cured, but I am hopeful that the prescription drugs will work. If the clinic had not been there, I was faced with a long wait for a taxi, then a long ride to the hotel, then I would have had to find a doctor somewhere, and pay handsomely for the consultation.


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