With 7% of 2012 already gone, it seems a lot more promising than 2011 – it would have to be. Apart from the fact that money is yet to start rolling in, being an “educational entrepreneur” is excellent, although interacting with students is still the best thing one can do in education. There are already quite a few irons in the fire, and, hopefully, some of them will bear fruit. (Apologies for the appalling mix of metaphors.)

Going back to Australia at Christmas reminds me that it really is the “Lucky Country”.  It’s clean, most people are courteous and law-abiding and we have are able to maintain a high standard of living. Still, it concerns me that we need to, collectively, take a better look at what is happening outside our shores and work a fair bit smarter, because luck is not enough in today’s world. At the moment, for most Australians, life seems pretty good.

Christmas is family time, and, when the weather is fine, Melbourne is a lovely place to spend it. We were able to walk along a bayside beach, and paddle or swim. The cafes are the equal of anywhere, and wine is cheap, still, and very, very good.


Of course, most families tend to eat and drink far too much during the holiday season, and it’s been hard work  to get the excess weight off – there is still a way to go. In our family, we usually play board games, although this year, X-Box Kinect has taken over – you certainly get sore arms from some of the games.

Because of different family commitments, Helen and I do not meet until Boxing Day, This year, like most of the past 10 years, it was in Sydney. I quite like it, but it’s not Melbourne – I suppose it is what you are familiar with for most people.

Back in Jakarta, we had to move house, then begin building a business. Helen has quite a few workshops for the IBO, and I have my first one in March. Before then, I hope to do a few weeks’ work in Dubai, and make some more contacts. We’ll give ourselves six months to a year to see how we go. We are very optimistic at the moment.


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