Guangzhou is a very dangerous place at the moment – because of the high humidity, warm air temperature and cold apartments and houses, virtually every tiled surface is covered in a film of water. In some cases, the moisture is enough to flow (for example, down the stairs outside our apartment). There is a setting on the air conditioners that helps dry out rooms, but one has to be very, very careful walking around. The photo shows footprints in the moisture on the school basketball court.
Machiato, Guangzhou’s cutest (and naughtiest) cat is like a cartoon character – she takes 20 steps on the spot before moving, when trying to run away, and, several times, has slammed into a wall attempting to take a corner at high speed. Hopefully the “crisis” will be over in a week or so.

Chinese New Year celebrations have finished up – our neighbouring village, Yong Tai, smelt like  Bagdhad just before Saddam went, with all the fireworks going off in the street. Machi, and every other animal in China, was not impressed.

Last week, there was a ground-breaking ceremony for a new gym at school, and the school’s owner put on a dinner for business associates, to which some of us from school were invited. The dinner was held in one of Guangzhou’s better hotels (which means very, very good.) The food was okay, but the free-flow Moet made it a great night.

I’m really enjoying playing in the band – it must be great to actually be good at playing something, or singing. I manage to fake it enough to get by, and judicious choice of material, plus the fact that we play in a bar (with a heap of colleagues in attendance) has the crowd rocking.

Finally, this has been a momentous week in our lives. Very disappointing news from the school, on Wednesday was followed, on Friday, by an unbelievable offer from somewhere else. We will continue to give our all at Utahloy, and hope that we can continue to make a difference.


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