I usually recover from food poisoning within 24 hours, but this bout is taking a bit longer. The weekend began well, with drinks after school, and a jam with a few of the boys with a view to performing in public in the not too distant future. It seemed to go over pretty well.

A fair proportion of Friday night was spent in the bathroom, so neither of us got much sleep. Helen headed off to Jakarta at midday. and I was left to cat sit. To paraphrase Blackadder, “how can you get so much energy out of such a small cat?” Even smacking has little effect – it seems to make the “game” more interesting. At least, this morning, some of the lessons have started to sink in.


It’s amazing what is appealing when you are not well. All the foods that I usually love become abhorrent. One of the neighbours was having a cook up that, at any other time, would have had my mouth watering. In the end, some dry biscuits did the trick, and vegetable soup and fresh bread for tea, later on, was just the thing. Unfortunately, three days later, I’m still far from 100%, but I’ll survive.

On Sunday morning, I caught a taxi into town to a “food and fun” fair run by a charity group. Our kids were running stalls there, and they did a pretty good job. I thought it was great that our school had no teachers in the stalls, although I realise that not all passersby would understand this as a favourable reflection on the independence of our students. I had entrance tickets, raffle tickets and money that I had agreed to flog on behalf of the organisers. I didn’t have all the ones that we had received, because some students did not fulfil their responsibilities, but they will produce the goods by the end of the week.

In the afternoon I wandered down into the village, which is literally littered with barbershops, to get a half-way reasonable haircut. It took me three goes before I found a barbershop in which hair was actually cut. The first two, despite having chairs and implements only did “massage”. Hmmm….. It took me a while to communicate to the girl washing my hair that I did not need a half-hour scalp and shoulder massage – I only wanted my hair cut. This was achieved, in “China-record time” about 45 minutes. I tipped them, and, in return, they slipped me a dodgy 50RMB (~AU$10) note.


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