A Night at the Races

A while back, because of the experiences of some friends who had worked in Guangzhou, Helen expressed a desire to attend the races if we were in HK. I perused the Hong Kong Jockey Club site (which was not very responsive) and found that there was a night meeting. Also, there was a sort of track-side “club” called Adrenaline. I emailed Adrenaline, and then rang. I found out that ~AU$30 got you in, and allowed grazing at the tapas buffet for 3 hours. The bonus was that it was Ladies’ night, and women entered gratis.

We MTR-ed across to Causeway and trekked the rest of the way to Happy Valley. The Adrenaline entrance was well-sign posted. It was a brilliant venue. We had a small table outside, track-side, and wandered in and out to get food and place bets. The drinks were, as expected, outrageously priced, but the service was good and the atmosphere relaxed.

Helen placed a bet on the first race (HK$10 each way) and our nag came fourth. I placed the second bet, and the win paid HK$192 for HK$10 each way. Race 3 saw another fourth, and Race 4 the horse is still running.

We had had    enough fun by Race 5, and caught a taxi home. All up, a pleasant evening’s entertainment cost us ~AU$80 for the two of us. There is a good chance that we’ll do it again.


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