As I’ve written before, it is wonderful walking around any place new, but particularly in Asia. We go for walks or runs in the pre-dawn on week days, but head out a bit later on the weekends. The Chinese open their shops much later than Indonesian folk, so, on weekdays, we see only deliveries, a few early-morning street vendors and what seems to be an occasional “hostess” returning from work.

Yesterday morning, we visited a different wet market to usual. The chickens had been dispatched, and de-feathered, but that was as far as the process had gone. Not all the veggie stalls were open. We got a few necessities and continued on around the block. We decided that we would return to do a bit more exploring in the immediate area, and postpone our trip to the fabric market, further afield. Helen commented on the juxtaposition of Starbucks, KFC and McD’s beside a computer mall. Guangzhou has no shortage of these western outlets.

The street back to our main road is lined with shops selling snacks to passers by, and a fair sprinkling of mobile food vendors – Asia is full of people who can turn a bicycle into a shop. For a community that seems to be constantly shoving food in, as a general rule, the citizens of Guangzhou look very healthy. Obesity is very uncommon here (amongst the Chinese).

We went back up the street later, and wandered around the computer malls. They are even more extensive and mind-boggling than I’d first thought. We bought a few accessories, which are very cheap. We noticed that the larger items, such as computers and cameras, tend to be a bit more expensive than in Indonesia.

The traffic yesterday was horrendous. It took us more than half an hour to hail a taxi, and then more than an hour to make a trip to a party out of town (which would normally take 30 minutes). Maybe we caught the time when people finish work on Saturday? Anyway, it seems a bit of a lottery. This morning, we caught a taxi straight away, and were at school in half an hour.


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