Food is so good in the capital cities. It’s no wonder that Australians are becoming obese at an alarming rate. However, there is a simple suggestion that will definitely slow things – halve the size and the cost of meals in cafes, most restaurants and, imperatively, food courts. We always have to remember at lunch times to buy one meal, and share.

The quality, in many places, is excellent – fresh, well-cooked and good flavours. Being, basically, tourists, at the moment, we have eaten at a variety of eateries, and Melbourne restaurants and cafes are brilliant. We had a great meal, last night, here, in Adelaide at a restaurant in the conference centre – although, cows seem to have been overlooked in favour of kangaroo, venison and crocodile meat. (I had chicken.)


We have been very lucky with the weather in Melbourne, and, now, Adelaide. Currently, it is warm enough to wander around without a coat. Melbourne was “fresh”, but dry. We were kept pretty busy catching up with friends and family, and will have to try to spend longer next trip.


We stayed at a great B & B behind the Hilton hotel, so we walked across the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens each day, to go to the city. On Saturday night, we wove between thousands of unhappy Collingwood supporters heading home after their team’s loss to Hawthorn, at the world’s greatest sporting arena. I had toyed with the idea of going to the game at the other end of town, on Friday night, but correctly surmised that my team, Essendon, would get “belted”.  It is great that, despite the exorbitant entrance prices, AFL still seems to be very much a “people’s game”.

At the moment, we are about to deal with the stress of moving to a new country, and not having our “home” (currently in a container in Surabaya) for another month, beginning new jobs and signing our lives away for a new house, on the Sunshine Coast. The latter has all been a bit too easy so far. However, one must remain optimistic.


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