It is great being back in Australia. I loved living in Indonesia, but, every now and then, it is wonderful being in a place where things are clean, and function properly.

Visiting the shopping malls make it crystal clear why so many Australians are obese – the meals on sale are twice the size they need to be, and few people make the time, or have the inclination to exercise. It is so easy to buy healthy food to make cheap, nutritious meals in the supermarkets, but there is so much rubbish on sale as well.

It is a bit “fresh” in the mornings. I went for a walk yesterday, but had a bit of a sleep in this morning. Helen’s parents live in a part of the world that necessitates walking up hills in most directions. However, it does get the blood flowing. We’ve walked to the mall to access the internet, which, I hope, cancels out the mandatory cappucino.

Commercial TV is pretty disappointing, although I’m sure if people used a VHS/DVD recorder (as I did, in Indonesia) then there are enough quality shows to watch. We really enjoyed “Thank God you’re here” the other night, and I hope to be able to “time shift” the Essendon-Collingwood game by taping it tonight and watching it in the morning.

The SMS’s from Martini indicate that the cats are gradually settling in with her parents, in East Java. I already miss those cute, but uncaring little animals. I’m sure Martini’s Mum will love them as we have.

I suppose it won’t really hit me that we have left Indonesia until we board the plane, at the end of the month, for China. We still both wonder how it could have possibly happened, and it will take a while to get over.


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