We really needed these holidays – with working hard anyway, the added stresses of an uncertain future start to take their emotional and physical toll.

After 2 days in Sanur, which I quite like, we found a magic spot in Ubud, overlooking the rice paddies, just a ten-minute walk to the market. We did have to lug our stuff down a narrow gang, up some steps and along a cobbled path, but it is worth it. The proprietor is some relative, by marriage, of Janet De Neefe, of Casa Luna fame.

Helen had a great massage at a place on the gang in, so I’ll try it today. I feel like I’ve cracked a rib, at the back. Helen says that, apparently,  this is possible with all the coughing I’ve been doing. It certainly doesn’t help with sleeping and walking.

I need to do a lot of walking, because looking in the bathroom mirror is quite depressing. However, I’m inspired by Margaret, who played netball with the Surabaya Swifts on Saturday, who is 61. That means I should keep it up for a few more years yet. I definitely need to get serious about losing 5kg though.


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