Beautiful Java

Helen, Amy and I headed up the “hill” to the Sativa Hotel, in Pacet, last weekend. Helen and I had been there before, with colleagues. We hadn’t really appreciated what a nice place it is.

The Sativa has lovely gardens, each side of the road up to Pacet, and is set out like the ancient Majapahit kingdom. The villas are spacious, and the atmosphere is relaxing.

We re-traced a walk we had done the previous time, on the east side of the road. We looked at the “batu tulis”, a large rock engraved in Sanskrit, and, more recently, Islamic graffitti. Further on, through the village, we followed a walking path along the beautiful river and rice paddies.

The next morning, we took a track through a village on the west side of the road. We had a pretty good view of My. Weilerang, and it’s “attendants”. Again, the surrounding countryside is beautiful.

There are plenty of shops and warungs along the road. We didn’t go in this one.


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