Village walks

We really enjoy walking through the village of Jeruk, behind our estate, our the adjoining village of Lakarsantri – I usually walk through “north” Lakarsantri most weekday mornings.

Helen and Amy enter Jeruk behind the Fullerton Place estate

You don’t see a lot of pets in the villages

This is just behind our estate

Chess is very popular in the villages

Most villages seem to be populated almost exclusively by kids under 12 years of age

Pool tables are reasonably common, usually under cover in someone’s front yard

This is a fairly typical village house

Out on the main Lakarsantri road, it can get pretty hectic

Very hectic

But even travelling sales people are safe

Don’t step backwards after buying dinner!

Relax in a reputable eatery

Back in Lakarsantri village, our usual entourage joins us.

There are very few young women who are not either pregnant, or holding a young child.

Some folk are a bit better off than others

This could be a place for a sunset drink.
I see this bloke most mornings on my walk

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