I don’t know why Surabaya doesn’t advertise itself better. Western tourists are mad not to organise a holiday when they can get their dental work done, order tailor-made clothes, play golf, do a side trip to Bali and still have plenty of money in their hand, compared to doing the same things “back home”.

I had an extended visit to my dentist last night. I’m terrified of them, thanks to childhood memories of the dentists always going that bit to far and hitting a nerve. My current one is the best. Everything is explained clearly (although I’m not sure I should have asked what, exactly, root canal work entailed) and it doesn’t hurt at all. The surgery looks clean and modern, and the bill is tiny, compared to the same work in Australia.

Helen and I headed out to Mojoagung, the “bronze village” on Saturday. On previous occasions, we have always ended up on the north side of the river to Mojokerto, and, at least once, “visited” Jombang market. This time, a look at the map showed that we needed to, basically, turn left, right, left and right, then continue on through Mojokerto.

Helen bought two pieces for school and we purchased some Christmas presents. We also ordered a bookcase, the main purpose of the trip. On the way back we stopped at one of the big “tourist trap” restaurants, and had a fairly basic meal out the back – you have to try these things.

We’re waiting for one of our “babies” to come home. Latte has been at the vet’s for four days now, and we all miss him, especially his brother – not that Latte will care when he comes home. He is a cat, after all. Even though I love cats, I like Billy Connelly’s take on them: Everyone says they’re cute and loving when they rub around your legs, but, 10 minutes later, they’re doing the same thing to the coffee table!


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