Going Native

By all accounts,the six year-level camps, last week, had been very successful, although the Year 12 camp to Bali was a bit “soft”. Those of us expats, who went on the five camps in East Java, aren’t keen to eat white rice for quite a while. The other big change from the expat lifestyle is the bathing, or having a “mandi”. On our camp, sloshing yourself with freezing-cold water was the only option (although a number of kids probably just stayed dirty). It is a sobering thought that 45 million people in Indonesia don’t even have the lifestyle that we had on camp.

Yesterday, Helen was well enough to come on another ride with Rachel and Andy. This time, we went “clockwise” around the circuit, and deviated along a canal. It was a really nice ride, and brought us out north of Citra Raya. We then returned via the reverse of the route we’d taken a couple of weeks before. Andy was keen to visit the Citra Raya pasar (market), which is a focal point for cyclists and walkers every Sunday. We all had some fried tempe and klepon (glutinous rice, filled with palm sugar and covered in coconut). Rachel and Andy also had a drink each, and Rachel’s was very similar to a mango lassi.

This morning, a holiday for the first day of the fasting month, Helen and I walked down to Lakarsantri, around a few back streets that we had not been down for a while. There were not many people about, and many seemed to be on their way to work.

We went into the market, which was a bit bigger and better-stocked than
we had previously thought. We found a stall selling coffee beans for
Rp10,000 (~US$1.10) for 250g. After breakfast, I cycled back and bought
a bag of coffee, plus some fireworks, from a roadside stall


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