No matter how
adorable and loving cats seem to be, they are natural-born killers. Usually,
their prey dies slowly and horribly. 

The recent
efforts of our two young cats, Latte and Jahe, to catch and kill creatures
around the house has caused me some minor physical discomfort.

The first was last
Tuesday afternoon, as I was taking my bike out through the garage. The cats
were tormenting a large grasshopper, which escaped by launching itself onto my

Normally, for me,
this wouldn’t be a problem. However, the grasshopper had, somehow, hooked a
claw into the soft tissue up, inside my nose. I had to stop, lean my bike
against me and use both hands to career detact the creature.

On Wednesday
night, Latte caught his second small bat. I grabbed him, made him drop the bat
and handed the cat to Helen. I grabbed the bat, to put it outside to increase
its chances of survival. As the very small bat attempted to bite me, I
remembered that they can carry rabies. Luckily, it didn’t managed to break my


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