Yesterday brought an enormous shock for Helen. She found one of our two gorgeous female kittens, Latte, licking an anatomical part that girls don’t have. Examination of Jahe showed that both kittens were boys! The vet had assured us they were girls! However, they are still cute, and often naughty. I think that Late looks different now that I know he isn’t a “she”. Perception is everything.

The weekend was pretty good. Friday and Saturday were spent in a Theory of Knowledge workshop, with Vivek Bammi, from Jakarta International School. He has been teaching it for yonks, has contributed to textbooks and is a deputy chief examiner. The two days went well. It turned out that Vivek and his wife know friends of Helen’s, and Helen had actually spent a Christmas Day with them, about 15 years ago!

After it finished, at ~3pm yesterday, I went out to the field to “captain” the South softball team against the Northern hemisphere folk. They wanted to play a version that was unfamiliar to those of us from the Antipodes. It centred around pitching “lollypops”, so that all but the most inept players were able to hit the ball. At the end of the second (of five)innings, in which 11 North players got home (primarily thanks to our fielding), Helen pitched a “shut out” (I think that’s what it’s called when the opposition are three out without a run) and we ended up “flogging” them.

It was all in good fun (more so when you win), and we headed over to the T-Bar for a couple of ales. Some friends there invited us to share their Indian meal, at their home, with another couple, and we had a lovely evening.

On Friday evening we took Vivek, Kevin Morely (who did an English workshop for us) and two participants, from other schools, to Cafe Pisa with a crew from school. Again, we had a very convivial evening.

Today was pretty relaxed. Helen had forgotten to buy the mandatory croissants, and more than compensated by making some delicious ricotta pancakes. They were superb, with some strawberry-champagne chocolate sauce and cream. The two “little boys” wrestled for ages on our bed, before having a snooze for most of the morning. I joined them, but couldn’t settle. In the afternoon we played 9, very quick, and very ordinary, holes at the par-3 Pakuwon course. We’ll need to return before the North-South match in two weeks.

We had some polenta that was in the freezer for dinner, watched the news, and headed upstairs to potter about before bed. I reckon I need another day, though.


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