We bought home two very small kittens on Tuesday afternoon. They were half of a litter that a cat had had out in the pre-elementary school. One was white, with a tail, so Helen wanted it to replace Cappucino. One of the other three, ginger, kittens had a tail, so I suggested that we take two. We were going to leave them another week, but the mother was behaving as though she was going to move them, because students from pre-elementary were hanging around.

The white one was named “Latte” and the other “Jahe” (two syllables, meaning ginger, in Indonesian). In three days, they have gone from being helpless to climbing out of their basket, eating and drinking by themselves, using the dirt tray, and returning to their basket to sleep. Latte ithe s very much more energetic one, and makes as much noise as her predecessor. Martini and Helen spend a lot of time looking at them, particularly when they play.

The mother cat went around the area near the pre-elementary school looking for them, and even went into Helen’s office to sniff around. Helen said that she couldn’t look the cat in the eye, and her office staff stirred her about it.

We’ve just come back from our first game of touch for a while. It was fun, and I played alright, for an old bloke. We had a professional development day at school, after the Chinese New Year holiday yesterday (so that the kids have a four-day weekend). It was basically my idea, after being at the IBO conference in Singapore last October. We had non-teaching staff as well, looking at making the school sustainable, before we do anything with the kids.

The results were excellent, particularly in the way that many of the non-teaching staff really “got it” and showed some leadership in their groups. We have some clear strategies to look at, across the whole school, for a solid beginning.


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