Last day of the holidays. They were pretty good. Climbing Mt. Rinjani (most of it) was great, although it took us three days to recover, and we are not completely sure that we have. (See my website for report and photos.)

Last night was a very “Indonesian” evening. We decided to try out a new restaurant in town. The decor was good, and the food was good, for the price. I ordered a Heineken draught beer, and Helen had a margaritia. Now, to me, “draught” means out of a tap, connected to a barrel. I’m not sure from where my beer came, but, when I wanted a second, I was told it was “habis” (finished). Hmmm…

I ascertained that they had Bintang, in (of course) large bottles only. I ordered one, and a waitress poured a glass from it. When I sipped it, it was cool, but not cold. Another waiter came to ask how things were, so we told him. He took the remains in the bottle away.

When we eventually paid, the owner (manager?) talked to us, and kept bowing, deeply. We related the beer story, and suggested that, if he wanted crowds of Westerners, maybe they should keep plenty of Bintang, cold. He said “Didn’t you want the Heineken?” and we told him the story. He was pretty annoyed when a waiter verified it – ie: someone knew they were low, but no-one did anything about it. He offered us a free meal next visit, but we said it was okay.

We then caught a taxi back towards home, and when to a place we’d noticed called Nen’s Corner. It had a nice feel, and had a band. However, they only had beer, because the barman, who did all the other drinks, was yet to return from Lebaran. It transoired that the beer was (you guessed it) “habis”. We assured the staff that we would return when we could get a drink, and caught another taxi to the Lido.

The band was the usual bass player and drummer, and two other blokes. The were good, but did only two songs before taking a very long break. We stood the cigarette smoke for as long as we could, and came home.


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