The last couple of weeks have been pretty good. Saturday night, we went to a function for the expatriate women’s club, at the Majapahit Hotel. There were a lot of people to chat with, and the snack food was good. Three girls from school played some music, and attracted some attention.

Afterwards, a few of us went to a flash restaurant called “Blowfish”, which seems to cater for wealthy Chinese-Indonesian kids. The club part, with a live band, had seats and benches reserved, with waiters pouring bottles of JW for groups of young patrons.

We walked about 500m back to the Hyatt (where we were staying because the Majapahit was full). Even though it was midnight, the main street was lined with motorcycles and their owners.

Sunday morning, even though neither of us felt well (not from over indulgence), we went for a walk around the streets and alleys beside the hotel. We found a small morning market selling (un-refrigerated) meat and veggies, and used clothes. We also found a huge church, and, nearby, various car parks that seemed to be specifically there for the church. The were also several lovely old Dutch houses in the area.

Saturday afternoon, we walked across the street to a carpet shop and fulfilled one of Helen’s long-held desires to buy a Middle-Eastern carpet.

Sekolah Ciputra has been great. I still can’t get enough of the teachers to push the kids to speak English, but I’m increasing the pressure, and they’ll eventually “crack”. This week, nearly all of the kids are on camp. Five or six teachers are back with thirty or so kids for a camp?at school. I’ll taking the opportunity to get some work done. Usually I spend some time at a camp or two, but I haven’t been well.

Last week we had our second athletics sports. The kids were fantastic. Even though the skill level can improve dramatically, the enthusiasm and commitment were wonderful. On Saturday morning, three of us had a “make up” athletics day for the kids who had not turned up.

Last week I had a “jam”with one of my new colleagues. With a bit of luck, we’ll be able to do something together.


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