It’s been a very tiring, but enjoyable week. Tuesday was the big day, with the junior high school boys basketball team playing in the final of the regional competition (run by the Jawa Pos newspaper).

We’d shortened each period at school so that everyone could get to the stadium on the other side of town by the advertised opening time of 2pm. Our game was to start at 4pm. We had to wait for more than two hours, while the girls’ final was played, because the stadium could only hold two schools.

The game eventually started at nearly 6pm. Our side of the stadium was packed solid, and the opposition, one of the Petra schools, had a large crowd also. For the entire game, the noise level was deafening.

The Petra team was a bit bigger than ours, and looked dangerous early. However, the Ciputra Team played very well as a team, and as individuals. With 2 minutes to go, we were 5 points ahead, and Petra 5 threw a 3-pointer. However, we rallied, and ran out winners by 5 points. The enthusiasm of everyone was wonderful.

The downside was that Helen and I had agreed to meet at a restaurant for dinner, and, because of miscommunication, she was waiting for an hour and a half.

Tomorrow, we are off to Bali for the weekend, for a touch tournament. This means that I will not be able to move on Sunday and Monday. Before we leave, we have to be at school for an Independence Day ceremony.


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