Unbelievable, that it’s been more than a month since I’ve made time to write an entry. However, given how hectic work is, it’s not that surprising.

Writing an entry from Sienna is a bit much, but, if I don’t do it now, I won’t have time for another couple of weeks.

Helen and I have been in Italy since mid-June, and have had a ball. (I’m not too keen on totting up the bills when we get home.) Some things have been expensive, but others have been “economic”. We’ve travelled by train and bus mainly, which are pretty cheap and efficient here. We have found that it’s cheaper to arrive somewhere and get a hotel through the local tourist information office than book on the internet. Also, if you are not constantly snacking, food is not too expensive.

The highlight so far was staying at Villa Santa Andreas, outside Florence. We had a 2km round trip walk to anywhere, but the farm house and surrounding countryside were beautiful. We had dinner for four nights beside the pool, overlooking the valey and surrounding hills.

Sienna, Florence and Perugia have been fabulous. It’s never boring wandering around medieval cities. Naples was interesting, but it, and Rome, are very dirty. IT was great to visit Pompei.

I’ll add an Italy page to my website when we get home.


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