Today should be a big one. We have a school “expo” at the Shangri-La hotel, so we hope that there are plenty of new punters through the door. The down side is the realisation that, if Helen and I didn’t do most of it, very little would happen. The low level of productivity of a few colleagues is very frustrating.

The very big positive is that we have developed a pretty damn fine school. The Maths Coordinator ran a great session on Wednsday night, and he told me that, three years ago, he never dreamed he would be able to teach expatriate kids, in English. He mangles the English language, but he speaks well enough to get the ideas across, and he’s getting better and better as a teacher. He is just one of about one hundred and something.

Even working with the office staff and technicians, we find that if you treat them as equals, and give them responsibility, they far exceed your expectations.

We’ll see how it all goes. I hope the coffee is good.


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