This could be famous last words, but, finally, my internet access is back on, and pretty stable. It’s a mystery to many people how Asia functions. When we were in Australia, during Christmas, we could not access Asian websites because there had been an earthquake in Taiwan. The whole communication infrastructure of Indonesia has been on hold for more than a week because the floodwaters in Jakarta damaged something. Who needs terrorists, when incompetence and political short-sightedness will do the job?

Anyway, back into the “flat world”. Thomas Friedman paints a very exciting picture of the world as he sees it. I’ve been floating a few possibilities at school. We shouldn’t have to upgrade the school infrastructure much – every kid should have computer and internet access, they all have a personal music player, and they all have some means of taking a digital photo. We must be able to use this to educate them better.I was really surprised at the luke warm reaction to this proposition from the expatriate teachers. I’ll have to investigate their IT skills. I suspect that a lack of confidence in their own technological ability is the issue.

It hasn’t rained here much for a couple of days, which means that we’ve been able to ride, without getting mud up our backs. It’s a nice, 10km tour around the borders of our estate most mornings, and much better for my knees and ankles than running. I’ve settled into a routine of running up to the gym, doing a half an hour, and walking/running back a couple of times a week, which is helping my dodgy shoulder.

Helen is currently in the process of planning our trip to Myanmar. For some reason, it has captured her imagination. We know a few people who have been, and they loved it.

School is flat out, as usual. Numbers are down a bit for next year, so we are in to “marketing” mode. I’ve been grumpy lately, so I’ll have to work on viewing things a bit more positively. Most of the teachers are making a big effort, and I’ll have to think of a way to reward them for it.


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